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You can rely on convertCASH even you do not have sufficient cash in bank.

convertCASH completely reinvents everything about the internet & the traditional economy’s value creation. We help users ease their monthly fixed payment commitments.

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We Pay for You First

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Introducing convertCASH

convertCASH completely reinvent everything about the internet and the traditional economy’s value creation. We help users ease their monthly fixed payment commitments. We combine the internet economy and traditional economy as one. Users will gain two benefits from one transaction. Our platform has enabled and simplified this seamlessly.

How convertCASH can help you?

Enjoy Payment Extension Freely at no cost

Avoid any interest fees charge since there will be no loan needed

Earn rewards and convertCASH Points at the same time

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You can rely on convertCASH even if you do not have sufficient cash in the bank. convertCASH will “Pay for You First”

No borrowing or loans needed when you are short of cash

Initiate payments with convertCASH digitally will enable you to unleash benefits you never experienced before

Which Payment do you wish to
gain more values?

Our platform allows you to stretch your monthly due dates so you are able to manage your finances with greater flexibilities. Make the most out of your monthly commitments by extracting benefits through convertCASH

Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Initiate your payment

Step 2

convertCASH will pay to your desired recipient in 1 working day*

Step 3

convertCASH transfers payment to your desired recipient

Extend Your Payment Freely

Extend Your Payment

convertCASH is designed for users to ease their monthly fixed bills burden. Utilise “We Pay For You First” unlike your usual way. Initiate your monthly fixed bill payments (business bills, education fee & rental etc..) at convertCASH and enjoy Payment Extension Freely like never before.

Digitise Your Monthly Fixed Bill Payments

convertCASH enable you to digitise your traditional way of paying your monthly fixed bill payments to enjoy more benefits like never before, such as increased cash flow, additional rewards, easy tracking, convenient including extending your credit freely.  convertCASH helps you to fully unleash the potential from your traditional monthly commitment.

Easy, Convenient and Secure

Initiate your payment today at convertCASH. Sit back and relax, you will only pay the actual bill upon receiving your credit card statement. Easily enjoy your payment extension freely.