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convertCASH completely reinvents everything about the internet & the traditional economy’s value creation.

convertCASH , a Fintech 3.0 company, believes that the key success factor of merging traditional financial activities with the internet economy and the future economy is all about “Convert/Change” to new breakthroughs.

With the noble philosophy of creating the best & extraordinary value for users, it is all about globalising the benefits under the Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) logic. Together, we continue to create values that have never happened in history; just like Steve Jobs of Apple, who had turned amazing ideas into unstoppable momentum.

convertCASH focuses on converting users’ “Monthly Fixed Bills Commitment” such as Rental, Office, Retail, Home & Installment Payment, and all types of bills into a new form of CASH on the cloud.

    convertCASH, “We Pay For You First” to help everyone to ease their monthly burdens.


    convertCASH has also included credit card benefits. This means if you are using a credit card to pay, you are able to gain double bonus from the existing benefits of credit card and get extra earnings from convertCASH.