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    My convertCASH Points earned do not tally?

    convertCASH earnings are subjected to a maximum daily and monthly cap depending on each individuals Membership category.

    For Silver Member
    Earnings %: 20%
    • Daily Earnings Limit:500
    • Monthly Earnings Limit: 3000

    For a daily transaction of $5000 you will earn 1000 convertCASH Points = $5000 x 20%, but on applying the daily earnings cap, you will only be entitled to a maximum of 500 convertCASH Points. Your daily earnings limit will refresh the next day.

    Once you reached the maximum cap of 3000 convertCASH Points for the month, the limits will be refreshed in the next month.

    convertCASH Points received does not match with my earnings record?

    Monthly convertCASH will be distributed periodically and equally between Cloud Wallet 1 and 2.

    For Platinum Member
    You earned 100 convertCASH
    • 1st Month – 20% will be credited equally to each to Cloud Wallets 1 and 2
    • Cloud Wallet 1 – 10 convertCASH “Points
    • Cloud Wallet 2 – 10 convertCASH “Points

    The balance of 80 convertCASH “Points” will be credited in the same manner for the next 4 months.

    What are the requirements for applying to use convertCASH?

    Everyone can register to convertCASH. No application is needed and it’s FREE!

    How does convertCASH “Pay for You First”?

    Just 3 simple steps :
    1.  Initiate your payment
    2. Fill in detail. Credit card required to secure the payment.
    3. Get approved. convertCASH will pay to your desired recipient in 1 working day*. You can pay back to your credit card up to 45 days later*

    Is my personal information safe with convertCASH?

    convertCASH does not require user to provide any sensitive or personal information unless is required by the local government authority. If you identify any unauthorized charge on your account, please change your password immediately or email

    Are there any interest or fees associated with a convertCASH?

    convertCASH runs attractive promotion all time! Don’t miss out our current offer (No interest fees, No hidden charges & No Additional fees!)

    How do I cancel my convertCASH transaction?

    There is no cancellation once you have successfully made the payment and agreed to the convertCASH terms & conditions.

    Why I don’t get approved for my payment?

    There might be a few reason why your instalment didn’t get approved.
    1.  Exceeded daily payment limit
    2. Credit Card have insufficient credit limit
    3. Debit Card: Insufficient fund in your Debit Card (We don’t encourage to use Debit Card)
    4. Incorrect Payment information

    Would my payment be delayed if I pay through convertCASH?

    No. You just need to give us your payment instructions before the monthly/bill payment due date.

    • Rental, Installment, Monthly Service Fees, School Fees, Supplier invoice – You are required to initiate 7 days payment in advance through our platform.
    • Utility Bill (Phone, Electricity, Water, Entertainment, Broadband) – Payment will reach vendor within 24 hours.

    Note: You did not pay in advance if you are using credit card pay through our platform.

    What benefits do I gain from convertCASH?

    convertCASH helps you to convert your monthly fixed bill payments (e.g.: Rental, Installment, Monthly services fees, School fees, Insurance, Supplier invoice etc..) into extra income. All you need to do is use our platform to make your monthly fixed bill payments and you will receive up to 33% convertCASH Points (1 Cash Point= 1 Dollar local currency) in return. These convertCASH Points can be utilised for redemption of products and vouchers in our convertMALL.

    What other benefits do I get?

    This is amazing! If you are using your credit card to make payments through convertCASH, besides getting your spending rewards (e.g.: Air-miles, loyalty points etc.) and the credit extension given by the card issuing bank, you will get your amazing convertCASH Earnings (convertCASH Points).

    What is payment extension benefit?

    While you are using your credit card to pay for your monthly fixed bill payment via convertCASH, you will be automatically eligible to enjoy the additional day of free payment extension provided by the credit card issuing Bank at zero interest as you are only required to settle your credit card outstanding before payment due date.

    What are the differences between using convertCASH & the traditional way?

    Traditionally, you must pay for your monthly fixed expenses (eg. Installment, rental, and most bills) by cash as no credit term shall be entertained. However, you are allowed to make payments through convertCASH with your credit card. By doing so, you will automatically get to enjoy the interest free credit extension from your credit card as well as its spending rewards (eg. Air-Miles, Cashback, redemption points etc.), and on top of these, convertCASH offers you extra earnings up to 33% of your paid amount.

    Where else can I utilise my earning (convertCASH Points)?

    You can utilise your earning  (convertCASH Points) at our convertMALL to redeem vouchers and use it for your next payment. Soon, your utilisation of your convertCASH Points can be extended to other countries too.

    How do I retrieve payment receipt?
    1. Open your convertCASH app.
    2. Go to Payment History.
    3. Open the transaction by clicking the transaction you wish to retrieve the payment.
    4. Scroll all the way down to “RECIPIENT RECEIPT”.
    5. Send the receipt to your email or to your recipient.

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