Pay safely with advanced protection & security from

Pay with confidence using with our two-factor-authentication (2FA) and real time updates on your transaction status

A better & secure way to pay your car installment with convertCASH

Advanced Fraud Protection

Your payment is protected using Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) and OTP.

Fortify your user account

Prevent hackers and malicious programs from gaining access to your account with strong security detection and firewall.

Protect against phishing attacks

Prevent anyone who disguises themselves as trusted, parties from gaining access.

Extra security layer

Protect your payment even if someone uses your account.

One-time password

One-time password is only valid for 1 min for your payment authorization.

We keep your account secured with 24/7 fraud monitoring!

Reporting a Problem

Our support team is available to help with any transaction problems via email.


Review your account

If you identify an unauthorised charge on your account, validate it and notify us right away. Make sure that the charge wasn’t simply made by an authorised person or employee without your knowledge.

How Can I Protect Myself?


This applies to all online accounts. Set a strong password and change them from time to time. This can prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your convertCASH account or linked email accounts, and helps prevent the ID theft.

PROTECT YOUR PAYMENT even if someone uses your account

Your payment is protected by Two-Factor- Authentication (2FA), with an OTP code sent to your device. It is not advisable for you to share your OTP code with any third party, to prevent from falling prey to phishing scams/attacks.


As a best practice, check your transactions and statements regularly to identify any unfamiliar transactions.

Chat with us about any concerns, suggestions, or disputed transactions.

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