Extend Your Payment Freely

Extend Your Payment

convertCASH is designed for users to ease their monthly fixed bills burden. Utilise “We Pay For You First” unlike your usual way. Initiate your monthly fixed bill payments (business bills, education fee & rental etc..) at convertCASH and enjoy Payment Extension Freely like never before.

Digitise Your Monthly Fixed Bill Payments

convertCASH enable you to digitise your traditional way of paying your monthly fixed bill payments to enjoy more benefits like never before, such as increased cash flow, additional rewards, easy tracking, convenient including extending your payment freely.  convertCASH helps you to fully unleash the potential from your traditional monthly commitment.

Easy, Convenient and Secure

Initiate your payment today at convertCASH. Sit back and relax, you will only pay the actual bill upon receiving your credit card statement. Easily enjoy your credit extension freely.

Extra Cash

Free up your cash flow*

You can now free up your cash from your Monthly Fixed Bill Payments (Business Bills, Education Fee & Rentals) every month. Give yourself ample time with more cash flow every month.

* depends on your credit card billing cycle

Generate additional cash flow without borrowing

With the amazing “FCX” feature, you now only need one card to release cash flow and enhance Personal financial management ability. Complete control of your personal cash flow without borrowing.

How can you extend your payment for free

You can use your favorite credit card to make any monthly fixed bill payment (business bill, education fee and rent) online. Pay your monthly fixed bill through convertCASH now Pay!

No interest

Enjoy extended repayment period for free*

Initiate a fixed monthly bill through convertCASH , Enjoy the free credit line extension with zero interest rate. There are no hidden costs at all.

No hidden fees

Don’t worry! convertCASH attaches great importance to transparency , We will put all the expenses before our eyes. Now you can enjoy the greatest benefits at the lowest cost.