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convertCASH completely reinvents everything about the internet & the traditional economy’s value creation.

convertCASH , a Fintech 3.0 company, believes that the key success factor of merging traditional financial activities with the internet economy and the future economy is all about “Convert/Change” to new breakthroughs.

With the noble philosophy of creating the best & extraordinary value for users, it is all about globalising the benefits under the Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) logic. Together, we continue to create values that have never happened in history; just like Steve Jobs of Apple, who had turned amazing ideas into unstoppable momentum.

convertCASH focuses on converting users’ “Monthly Fixed Bills Commitment” such as Rental, Office, Retail, Home & Installment Payment, and all types of bills into a new form of CASH on the cloud.

        • convertCASH, “We Pay For You First” to help everyone to ease their monthly burdens.

    convertCASH has also included credit card benefits. This means if you are using a credit card to pay, you are able to gain double bonus from the existing benefits of credit card and get extra earnings from convertCASH.